Ellie walked back to the campfire and smelt the char before she saw the blackened sausages in the pan.

“Hey, burnt sausages, my favourite! No really.”

Chad smiled. “Me too… we must be made for each other.”

“A shared love of charcoal wouldn’t get you a quick snog, never mind eternal matrimony.”

“So, why did you marry me?”

“Must be your boyish good looks, plus your father’s fortune of course.”

“Oh no, you’re not getting your hands on that. Remember that pre-nup contract?”

“What pre-nup? I reckon that went tits-up around the same time the world did. Talking of which, where did you find sausages?”

“I went scavenging this morning and found a warehouse with one of those walk-in deep freezers. Massive, foot thick insulation, plus I reckon the automatic generators ran for quite a time after the shit well and truly hit the fan. I broke in and stuff in there was thawing, but buried deep in some boxes I found some almost-frozen packs of sausages. Burgers in another box.”

Chad nodded towards another pan, this one covered.

“Sweet! All we need is some bacon…”|

Chad couldn’t contain his grin this time. “In the pan as well, dear heart.”


The couple lay on the soft grass, replete with food and watching the clouds float past.

“Chad, what do we do now? With the world ending like that, now what do we do?”

“Ellie, I think, that as the only survivors of a worldwide holocaust, we have a very solemn duty. A duty no-one else can carry out. We have a duty…”

“Stop messing around! What?”

“Shush, I’m getting to it. We have a duty -”

Ellie’s jab in the ribs interrupted him this time. Chad rolled over to face Ellie.

“Ellie, seriously. We can do whatever we freakin’ well want!”