Does this worry anyone or not?


The 49 million books currently available on Kindle are about to increase in number. Drastically. Because there are now A.I. programs for writing, editing and marketing a novel. Bing A.I. tells me, “Some authors have used ChatGPT to write and publish e-books on Amazon in a matter of hours.”

ChatGPT launches boom in AI-written e-books on Amazon
Book writing may turn from a craft into a commodity, says Mary Rasenberger, executive director of the Authors Guild, in a Reuters article.

If you’re interested in how, here’s a blog to begin learning.
Or you can check YouTube, TikTok and Reddit for hundreds of tutorials.

The technology is too new for me to really know what to expect, but personally, I don’t expect more of people then they’ve shown in the past. Meaning, I expect bad books with catchy covers and click-bait titles. Anything to make money.

Real authors should…

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